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It's Time to Talk About: People on Paper vs. People in Real Life

Is it too much to ask for the “good on paper” hire to be “good in real life”?

by Casey Watson I February 18, 2022

Have you ever been impressed by a resume or a LinkedIn profile and then when you ended up working with the person, you were shocked at their lack of knowledge and poor work ethic? I’m going to ahead and say YES... you have. And more than once!

Unfortunately, this is a sad sign of the times where resumes and online profiles are juiced up with a bunch of crap that looks really fancy. If you end up working with someone who lacks the ability to complete their tasks or contribute to the team, it ends up affecting the initiatives everyone else is working so hard on. Counterproductive, to say the least.

It begs the question: why wasn’t this person vetted?

It all falls back on your leadership, or lack thereof. After all, they are the ones that were supposed to ask the important questions, check references, and dive into their history, no? They are the ones who are supposed to prevent a toxic workplace, workplace bullying, etc.

So why should YOU have to suffer?! Is it too much to ask for the “good on paper” hire to be “good in real life”?

Here’s a solution: leadership should start viewing LinkedIn profiles with the same caution we all use when we are browsing through dating profiles. Always assume they aren’t who they say they are and take the time to sift through out the bullsh*t.

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