Your New Normal: EMPOWERMENT

These Unique Features will Help you Document Everything
Track Workplace Harassment
Track Workplace Discrimination


  • 40+ custom emojis to identify daily moods

  • Unlimited journaling and voice memos

  • Unlimited image and document uploads

  • Private, professional reports

  • Shareable reports for doctors or legal experts

  • Insight tool to view recent mood patterns

  • Resource Center with helpful information

  • Custom reminders to fit your schedule

  • Invitation tool: Up to (5) contacts for group reporting

  • Calendar feature to identify specific daily inputs

  • Affordable and easy to use

Trael is record keeping tool that helps keep track of unwelcome behavior, uncomfortable situations, and overall wellness.

Use custom mood emojis, images, and file uploads to document your experiences with workplace bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, racism, or any unwanted behavior.